When you look for a lodging in Havana, the location is very important. It is for that reason we recommend you Casa Méndez. This lodging is very well located in Vedado. Near to Museum of Decorative Arts, to the restaurant Castle of Jagua and Presidents Avenue. This position in the city will allow you to visit these interesting places and others more distant in Havana city. House Méndez is a comfortable penthouse, with terrace with view to the city. The house is shared with owners; you will be able this way to interact with daily life of a Cuban family. For you, an available matrimonial room, acclimatized and with windows that allow the entrance of fresh air. This room for guests is roomy and has direct access to the bathroom. Feel free to use the rest of the areas of the house, especially the minibar and dining room, here you be able to enjoy the breakfasts of the house. Enjoy the hospitality of the hosts.