For your stay in Havana, Cuba. Private lodging, apartment Ernesto and Jaleine. Located in the Old Havana, in the street Muralla, in a very central area in the historical part of the city. Near the restaurant Mesón of the Flota and of the Plaza Vieja square. In this Square we recommend him to visit Café Escorial, with varied offers based on coffee. This accommodation is not shared with proprietors; they will give him the keys when arriving. It includes living-dining room, kitchen, bathroom and a room. You will be able to prepare by yourself your snacks and foods in the kitchen of the apartment. There is cold and hot water the whole day. The room is acclimatized, has two personal beds and has balcony. From the balcony you will enjoy natural breeze and view to the street. Don't lose this opportunity to stay in an independent way in this pleasant apartment.